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This page is about Relaxation & Tantra, how to relaxing your body and mind, unleash your emotional blocked, experience full-body blissful, and reach the highest levels of pleasure, by these divine Tantric energy Secrets!

 Tantra Yoga
Tantra is energy.
Tantra is ; awakening your energy through your senses.
Tantra Yoga is meditative style of yoga with strong emphasis on mental connection, developing the mind, utilizing both innate and universal energies and interiorization. 
Because energy is the foundation of Tantra Yoga and our life, it has the ability to transform you at very deep levels and toch all aspects of your being- physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and even sexually.
Ultimately, Tantra Yoga is a physical practice with spiritual aims.
The result of practice Tantra Yoga is; you can create essence mystical body position (asanas), mudras and bandhas (energy gestures and locks), and perform kriyas (purification techniques), which in turn helps you to Yune into cosmic forces and energies. you then utilize this accumulated energy for intended and predetermined effects.
You will improve health, healing from common ailments and diseases, increased vitality, improve mind control, balancing innate energy centres within your being, harnessing powerful universal energies, peace and tranquility, great success in your life, stability of the mind and emotions, self-discovery and evolution of consciousness and much more.




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