The Power Of Intimacy & Tantra


Self-Respect from the heart, self-love from the soul and sensuality of the mind introduces you to intimacy and romantic love, building techniques and the Art of Tantric relationship, which includes simple yet powerful practices that invite greater depth of intimacy & romance love, the power of Tantra, allow you to experiences the heart openness, joyful, enhanced pleasure, blissful and happiness.
I have been abused in my marriage life for years, after divorce in 2008, I heal my wounds & transform my life by Tantra retreat in 2009 and since then I work on my personal growth and development and my life becomes easier, healthier, and happier, plus! sexier as never before, cool huh!
I shared my life story, and helps many people over the globe in both OFF and ONline to overcome fear and struggle in their love and in their life.
I want today to empower you to have a romantic, intimate and passionate relationship, so that you can live and love with purpose and freedom.
Are you ready?
When you ready, I'm ready. When you ready, I'm ready. When you ready, I'm ready.
Contact me at; jang@jangpimvisat.com