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What Are the 4 types of intimacy?


The 4 types of intimacy that you should focus on fostering to create a more holistic connection and closeness with yourself and with your partner:


#1: Emotional intimacy: Emotional intimacy involves candid, authentic sharing of thoughts and feelings.

It's about being able to tell each other your deepest desire, dreams, fears, disappointments and most complicated emotions as well feeling seen and understood when you do.


Emotional intimacy means both you and your partner feel safe and comfortable with this type of uninhibited expression around and with each other. This "safe space" is cultivated by each person refraining from judgment or contempt when the other is sharing. It's means that we believe they won't repeat anything we share in confidence. We also don't  expect them to embarrass or belittle us.


How to increasing emotional intimacy? The first step is to engaging in deeper, more introspective conversation together: ask open questions that begin with "what", "why", "where", "when", "who", "which" and "how", talking about emotions and experiences you don't usually share with others.


Listen to understand rather than waiting to respond. Always listen with empathy and kindness. BE open and BE honest and BE sure that you are make no judgment afterward. 


# 2: Intellectual intimacy: Each person in the relationship has the freedom to think for themselves and believes that their opinions are valued instead of feeling pressured to agree. This atmosphere encourages stimulating conversation. You feel closer to the person who cares for you independent of differences and respects your thoughts and voice.


How to increase intellectual intimacy? You can create more intellectual intimacy by sparking discussions where you and your partner have different perspectives.


You can discuss ideas and abstract concepts that you're exploring together, however you can do it without feeling defensive or angry or take it personally if your partner not agree with you. This type of intimacy is about connecting though logic and philosophical expression. Again listen to understood and without judgment.


#3: Experiential intimacy: Shared experiences lead to private memories that can intensify a connection. The ART of act of teamwork and moving in unison toward a common goal while creating an experience also establishes a feeling and senses of closeness. This incredible bond is the result of experiential intimacy.


How to increase experiential intimacy? Embark on new adventures with your partner to increase experiential intimacy. Plan activities that you haven't yet done together. Or reschedule a standing date to meet at the same restaurant so that it becomes YOUR spot.


Each of us as human have separate lives. You don't have to collaborate on everything, however it's crucial to have shared experiences and good memories together. This way, your intimacy is interwoven with memories and acquired knowledge. It exists in multiple times and spaces.


#4: Spiritual intimacy: Religious practice isn't necessary for spiritual intimacy, though it can serve the purpose. This closeness forms when you share poignant moments with your partner. Though praying, worshipping, walk together while holding hands and enjoying the beauty of natures as well as each other, meditate together or sing a song together in the car, as a couple could qualify as one such moment. This way help you and your partner having a deep connection


How to increase spiritual intimacy? Talk openly and honestly about spirituality with your partner so that each of you can discover experiences that the other considers awe-inspiring. Then, regularly schedule time to engage in those and similar endeavors. 


The good thing about spiritual intimacy is that you don't have to exert much effort aside from creating opportunities. Let the moment flows and trust the universe to do the work.


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