Have you ever been mentally, physically or emotionally abuse?

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Why Would I Do That You Wonder?




Well! Because, there is something you might want to know about me...

and if you really knew me, you would know...


I grew up in an environment with very unlimited beliefs of sensuality, disempowerment for women and around sexuality. I got married and moved to Belgium in 2001. in 2003 my life turn into abuse mentally and physically, by the man who promised to love and cherish me.


I couldn't talk or speak about it to anyone, which catapulted me into a lack of positive energy, depression and anxiety. I came to the point that I thought about suicide and ending my miserable life.


In 2008 is the last time he pushed me, I found myself numb on the floor. I had no hope and felt empty in my heart. It hurt so much. My daughter ran to me, she was 10 at that time. Her face covered with tears, she hugged me with sorrow and pure love for her suffering mother.


Something happens, something shifting in my soul. It was a breakthrough in my life. I hug my daughter intimately, my tears keep coming as never before, I feel heet in my body, my hands shaking, I breath faster and my eyes open wildly, I say to my daughter.


Don't you worry Amy, mama'll not let anyone hurt mama and makes you cry ever again!!


That's it!! that was it!! I'm divorced late in 2008. After that it's took me a long time to heal the wounds from the incident. I meditated, practised yoga, tried to be optimistic, tried to think positively and always giving. But my life was not fulfilled and I felt like something was missing, until I got to experience Tantra. In addition, by having a world-class mentor, I allowed myself to learn to dig deep in my personal development on a spiritual level and Tantra retreat, there I found deep sexual healing and transforming my life. I became an expert in Tantra, love, intimacy and sex expert.


I'm teaching yoga and giving live Tantra Sessions in Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, and Belgium.


I'm today teaching and leading INDIVIDUALS and COUPLES to find their Intimate potential and the meaningful of love and an passionate relationships online, Live seminar and One-on-One Coaching.

Today, I'm Blessed To Share My Love And Passion, To Empower, And Inspire All Women. You Can Express Your Emotions. You Can Have All The Pleasure. You Can Feel Joyful And Experience The Real Ecstasy. 


Your Relationship And Love Life Can Be The Most Excitement. The Most Fulfilling. You Can Have All The Romance, And All The Intimacy You Want. You Can Enrich And Embrace The Relationship You Desire.