Have you ever experienced mentally, physically or emotionally abused?



 I’ve learned that verbal abuse

can be just as damaging as

physical abuse and take

longer to heal from.
Jaycee Dugard 

You might wonder why I do what I do.. 

I grew up in an environment with many unlimited beliefs about powerlessness for women and sexuality.
I married and moved from Thailand to Belgium in 2001 and in 2003 my life turned mentally and physically into abuse.


I went through divorce late 2008. After that I decided to participate in a Tantra movement and mediation in Chiang-Mai Thailand in 2009, I fell in love with my body and my whole-being for a very first time after the first Tantric meditation, since then I dedicate myself in my personal growth.

I allowed myself to dig deep into my personal development on a spiritual level and Tantra movement, I became an expert in Tantra meditation, movement, love, intimacy and sex expert. 


I have been teaching Tantric meditation and yoga in Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Belgium.


Today I'm teaching and guiding INDIVIDUALS and COUPLES to find their Intimate potential and the meaning of love and passionate relationships through online sessions, Live seminars and One-on-One Coaching/Consultancy.


Today, I'm blessed to share my love and passion, not only through

my signature massage but also to empower & inspire all humans

to experience a deeper love and connection through the ancient Tantra training.


Your relationship & love life can be the most excited, the most fulfilling.

You can have all the romance & all the intimacy you want.

You can enrich and embrace the relationship you desire and deserve.


Discover your love and relationship on a deeper level,

 get in contact and book a complimentary call in order for me to analyze, 

helping you to accelerate your love & relationship progress.


 I'm looking forward to share with YOU!


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