Romantic & Intimate Love
Personal Growth · 18. February 2021
I want to empower you to have an intimate relationship, so that you can achieving bliss through intimate connections. I want to empower you to have a romantic love, so that you can love with full potentail. I want to empower you to have a passionate relationship, so that you can live your love and your life with purpose and freedom. Love deepest! Live fullest!! Enjoy to the highest!!!

Personal Growth · 19. February 2020
Self-Respect from the Mind, Sensuality from the soul and Sexuality of the Heart introduces you to Intimacy Relationship, building techniques and the Art of Tantric, which includes simple yet powerful practices that invite greater depth of intimacy, Hert openness, joyful, enhanced pleasure, blissful and happiness. I have been abused in my marriage life for years. I heal & transform my life by Tantra, and now I want to share my love and passion to women & men to be lovable and be loved.