Relaxation massage  

    -Inner-Peace Massage

     Max 90 min180 Euro

Max 120 min 230 Euro


-Cinta Agapi's secrets 

90-110 min.   390 Euro

120-150 min.   480 Euro


-Eastern Ravishing 

Max 90 min.   200 Euro

Max 120 min.  260 Euro


 Note: Home service is available;

Transfer cost +25 Euro

1 week minimum order beforehand


Tantra Therapy 

 -Blissful Princess Package;

( Available for an individual & couple)


half day Blissful Princess Package; 

(10am-2pm or 3pm-7pm) 



full day Blissful Princess Package;



3 days Blissful Princess Package;

Thu-Sat (10am-7pm) 



-Vigor King Package;

(Available for an individual and couple)


half day Vigor King Package;

(10am-2pm or 3pm-7pm) 


Full day Vigor King Package;



A 3 days Vigor King Package;

Thu-Sat (10am-7pm) 


 #NOTE; Ask for an appointment

please email to


Or call ; +32 474 44 77 30  


   Love At The Top Program:


The Love At The Top is a phenomenon program combine with Tantra techniques, tip and tools from my experiences and coaching skills to date included. 


Your life will never be the same! when you and I work together in Love At The Top Program.


 Click here and begin to Love At The Top click here :


I'm so excited to see you there!!!


Jang Pimvisat