You will get into a relaxation world, a variety of tenderness, reawakening your sensses and a real deep well-being of body, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetically.



Vitality and serenity ( for everyone)


The result of this massage program is; You will relaxing of your body and mind. It's designed and created to vibrate your senses, soothe your body and revitalize your mind. You will be in a peaceful well-being and a free world.


 Price? Go to our price list and choose one from the 2 options that fit best for you.



The secrets of Lovefor the great lover)


 This signature massage is designed especially for you, who loves to enjoy pleasure, it is the perfect massage, make you feel powerful, tighten the skin, vibrate your 5 senses, revitalize your body and soothe your mind, make you relax in every corner of your whole body. This signature massage is combination of Japanese technique and Greek technique. This will make the results clear quickly in the bink of an eye.


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Vitality and unique ( for you)


Indulge in and savor the atmosphere of the relaxation of your soul, boday, mind, and head. Make you feel fresh, come alive again with our unique massage experience, mix with Indonesian Yoga style, it makes you return to your life's balance, gained more energy, fresher and brighter than ever before.


This program start with foot bath +  foot massage + signature massage + shoulder + neck + head 


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tantra Therapy

Tantra Therapy?

The result of Tantra Therapy is; You will release emotional, healing and purification, removing blockages from your body-know and unknow, healing from sexual dysfunctions, restoring physical health, purification of the body, realizing one's full orgasmic potential, providing a bridge to the higher tantric teachings, an increased aptitude for experiencing true love, the awakening and cleansing of the chakras.


Of course, as with anything Tantra, in order to realize the full potential of Tantric massage & Tantra Therapy, I created this program that combine with our unique teachings and practice, it is a authentic and in alignment with the foundational laws and principles of the Tantra system. 


Tantric massage is not an average form or branch of massage. It's indeed unique because it uses foundational knowledge from the tradition of Tantra-a whole and complete spiritual system defined by the laws and science of energy. TRUE to its name, Tantric massage is therefore rooted in this fundamental universal force.


Tantric massage is first and foremost a spiritual approach to massage, utilizing an energetically based, hands-on approach to bodywork. If authenticity is maintained and tantric principles are preserved, then this sophisticated form of massage can bring about renowned healing effects and is very therapeutic in nature. It's most acclaimed for its ability to eliminate blockages while restoring vitality, stamina, longevity, youthfulness and vigor.


You also will experience the deep love, rebuild trust, enhance care and intimate relationship with the secrets Tantra techniques, tip and tools in our Tantra Therapy program.


If you are a lady, the Blissful Princess Package is unique created for you.


If you are a man, than is the Vigor King package is for you.


If you both wants to experience Tantra Therapy together as a couple, it is a phenomenon decision and it is possible.


Go to contact page and let me know what you want and what you decide to do.


Blissful Princess


Tender but powerful for her, her body, mind, mental, emotional, heart, her spiritual, included her sensual energy and unleash her sexual energy.


 This secret package is created for women, who knew that she deserves better, she has so much potential, she has so much to give, however she wants to received as well, and she deserves it.


She is ready to give fully and ready to experience the deepest receiving, she is ready to open her heart to the intimate love and passionate relationship and she will have a maximize blissful and happiness.


The result of the Blissful Princess program is; you will relaxed and reawakening all your senses of your body, mind, heart, emotional and your sensuality included unleash your sexuality energy. This program will take you from self doubt to self-confidant, from lack of energy to vitality and energetic, it's will bring you to the place of joy, blissful and full-body orgasm, you will experiencing of the deepest harmony of your reality and your truth, you will be able to trust again, ecstasy.


It's all about you to experience an exploring touch to release your tension, which will claim increased the secrets area of your sensitivity, reduced anxiety and healed past trauma of sexuality. It will take you to a peaceful mind and body. It will Unleash The Princess Power Within You.


You will be in the place of love that you've never been before!


When you and I work together, your life will be never ever the same again!


Prices? Go to our price list and choose one of the 3 options of Blissful Princess Package, that fit with your schedule.

Vigor King


Energizing and lift up vigor of mental, relax and release emotional, mind, and body, more energetically, spiritually and sensuality.


This package is the secret for men, who are known that he is the King of his Kingdom, he knew what he wants, he wants more because he feels there is more than what it is, he wants to discover his raw desire and he wants to experience the highest ecstasy, and he has the power to do, be, and have it all.


He can finally open his heart once again for trust and care, he is ready to have an intimate relationship and experience the deepest love.


The result of this program is; you will relax your body, mind, emotion, spiritual and reawakening your sensuality energy.  I created this program to energizing your vitality and boost up your senses and unleash your sexuality energy.


Recommended for you, who want a tonic massage and raise up energy. It reduces the distressed of all aspects of body, mind, soul and emotion. This program also solve a penis problems as premature ejaculation and reawakening your sensual and sexuality in active again, which can help you and your partner to have more joy, pleasure, and intimacy. It will allow you to be the greater Of Your Own King's Power. 


You will have to become someone that you never been before!


You're ready to give your lady most pleasure she ever had experienced, share with her the beast within you and allow her to experience most kindness caring, loving King she deserves.


Price? Go to our price list and choose one of the 3 options of Vigor King Package, that fit with your desire.

In our workshop and program is NO happy-end!