Jang thoroughly creates a warm, safe space where I felt comfortable being intimate with
another, even someone that I barely knew prior to this experience. Society often misjudges
and mislabels Tantra as being all about sex and that is not the truth of it. Jang taught me
that Tantra is about building trust, sharing energy with another, and freely being and
expressing my authentic self. Through platonic, friendly, tender touch, I was able to open
my heart fully, trust in the process, and create a connection that was truly magical. Jang is
the embodiment of her teachings and not only talks the talk, she walks the walk, which is so
refreshing. Through this workshop I have been able to explore profound levels of love and
intimacy with myself and my romantic partner, as well as increased connection and love
with my friends and family. I highly recommend Jang’s workshops and coaching. Sign up
and experience it for yourself, you won’t regret it!


Meghan Sheridan / Geneva, Switzerland

Mindset Coach




After my last relationship I lost and lack of self-confidence, I also lacked and turn-off in sexual areas, Jang helped me to get back to self-confidence, come back to myself and in flow with my sensuality, I feel sexy, and feel spark and joy of life again, Jang is amazing coach, a wonderful person, she's so knowledgeable and she hold the space for me and for all of us, I'm very greatful for the experience with her and I wish for you to take advantage of one of her courses.


Christina Siciliani / Zurich, Switzerland

Ayurveda Nutrition / Mindset Coach & Marketing Manager