Christina S. - Relationship Coach in Zurich, Switzerland


“After my last relationship, it took a toll on my confidence in general, but also on my confidence in the sexual area. I always was a very sensual person, but I kind of totally lost my spark in this relationship.

And then I started my healing journey with Jang, I was able to come back to myself, to my sexuality, and my sensuality. I'm just very grateful for Jang because I have gotten back my joy of life.”




Benoit B. -President of The Lions Club & Entrepreneurs in Knokke, Belgium


Jang unlocked all these emotions that were hidden for many years. Since the last months I’ve been working with Jang, I’m able to feel of EQ instead of IQ, Jang is my trigger and her teaching  makes my life balanced again, therefore endless respect and life-time gratitude”




  Marjan J. - Mindset Coach in Basel, Switzerland


“I initially signed up because I was looking for a way to connect back with my sexuality after a deeply unsatisfying relationship.

 What I've gotten out of it is not only a way to connect more deeply with my romantic partners, but it also helped me connect more with my friends and with my family on a whole different level that I hadn't expected. So it's absolutely worth it. Invest in yourself.”


Meghan S. - Mindset Coach in Geneva, Switzerland


 "Jang thoroughly creates a warm, safe space where I felt comfortable being intimate with another, even someone that I barely knew prior to this experience. Society often misjudges and mislabels Tantra as being

all about sex and that is not the truth of it. Jang taught me that Tantra is about building trust, sharing energy with another, and freely being and expressing my authentic self. Jang is the embodiment of her teachings and walk her talk.


Through this workshop I have been able to explore profound levels of love and intimacy with myself and my romantic partner, as well as increased connection and love with my friends and family. I highly recommend Jang’s workshop and coaching. Sign up and experience it for yourself, you won’t regret it!"